day 1 agenda

Tentative Program
Day -1: September (12, 2024)
Oral Presentations
Keynote Title: Efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy-based intervention on type 2 diabetes patients with comorbid metabolic syndrome: a randomized controlled trial
Jing Sun, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Keynote Title: CNS insulin resistance in Alzheimer's disease: Preclinical approach to assessment and treatment
William A Banks, University of Washington, USA
Keynote Title: Epigenetic Dysregulation of Cholesterol Biosynthesis Gene Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease: Implications in Therapy
Tapas K Kundu, Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit, India
Technical session-I
Talk-1 Title: Neuroprotective Effects of Asparagus Officinalis Stem Extract in Transgenic Mice Overexpressing APP
Marie-Francoise Joelle Doursout,  McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA
Talk-2 Title: Amyloid fibril formation mechanism and dynamic membrane interaction of human calcitonin and glucagon
Akira Naito, Yokohama National University, Japan
Talk-3                      SPEAKER SLOT AVAILABLE
Talk-4 Title: Understanding the etiology of dementia: Role of Non-Demented Alzheimer Neuropathology (NDAN) Subjects
Paul L Wood, Lincoln Memorial University, USA
Talk-5                      SPEAKER SLOT AVAILABLE
Talk-6 Title:Meningitis in the guise of dementia: Lyme-induced normal pressure hydrocephalus
Ryan Liu, Cooper University Health Care, USA
Talk-7 Title:Standardizing Measures: A Euro for test-results in Mental Health Research and Clinical Care
Edwin de Beurs, Leiden University, The NetherLands
Talk-8 Title: The interplay between PTSD symptomatology and physiological attentional regulation: the effects of dog-assisted therapy 
Avi Avital, University of Haifa, Israel
Lunch Break
Technical Session-II
Talk-9 Title: TBA
Arushi Kapoor, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Talk-10 Title:Breakthrough Research in Reversing Brain Aging
Judy Qiao, Royavita Biotech, USA
Talk-11                      SPEAKER SLOT AVAILABLE
Talk-12 Title: Does Living in Rural Areas Impact the Diagnostic Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders? The Cases of Arkansas and Louisiana
Badr Alnasser, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Talk-13 Title: Learning cued interval timing, the role of acetylcholine, and the impact of amyloidosis
Marshall G Hussain Shuler, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Talk-14 Title:Cross-Seeding Mechanism for Modulating Amyloid Features by Antimicrobial Peptides
Jie Zheng, University of Akron, USA
Refreshment Break
Talk-15 Title:  PDE5 inhibitors against synaptic and cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia
Ottavio Arancio , Columbia University, USA
Talk-16 Title:Fear conditioning and fear inhibition as a treatment response biomarker in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Tanja Jovanovic, Wayne State University, USA
Talk-17 Title:Understanding post-career adjustment in ex-professional ice hockey enforcers: The relation between mental health and athletic identity
Michael Gaetz, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
Talk-18 Title: Astroglia as a key player in the pathology of Alzheimer´s Disease and other Dementias
J. J. Rodríguez, IKERBASQUE, Spain
Day-1 Concludes
Note: This is the tentative program only and the program will be updated by May
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day 2 agenda

Tentative Program
Day -2: September (13, 2024)
Oral Presentations
Keynote Title: Brain Hydrophobic Peptides Antagonists of Neurotoxic Amyloid β Peptide Monomers/Oligomers-Protein Interactions
Carlos Gutierrez-Merino, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
Keynote Title:  The Blood-brain Barrier in Alzheimer's Disease: Dysfunctions and Therapeutic Delivery
William A Banks, University of Washington, USA
Keynote Title:  Non-pharmacological treatment paradigms for experimental traumatic brain injury
Anthony E. Kline, University Of Pittsburgh, USA
Keynote Title: Key indicators for Aging Well: housing solutions to promote health and
social integration of older adults
Masi Mohammadi,  Eindhoven University of Technology
Technical session-III
Talk-1 Title: Engagement with People with Dementia, their Care Partners with Participatory Action Research Facilitating Hospital-to-Home Care Transitions
Ann MacLeod,Trent Fleming School of Nursing, Canada
Talk-2 Title: Whole Genome Deconvolution Unveils Alzheimer’s Resilient Epigenetic Signature
Eloise Berson,Stanford University ,USA
Talk-3 Title: Context processing deficits in PTSD: evidence for altered function in hippocampal-prefrontal circuits
Israel Liberzon, Texas A&M University Health Science Center, USA
Talk-4                      SPEAKER SLOT AVAILABLE
Talk-5 Title:Cholinergic neurotransmission during performance of a sustained attention task after TBI
Eleni Haritomeni Moschonas,University of Pittsburgh , USA
Talk-6 Title: Teaching and learning methods compared: A pedagogical evaluation of problem-based learning (PBL) and lecture methods in developing learners’ cognitive abilities
Fred Ssemugenyi, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Papua New Guinea
Talk-7                      SPEAKER SLOT AVAILABLE
Lunch Break
Technical Session-IV
Talk-8 Title:Pharmacological and neurorehabilitation effects on cholinergic transmission and complex attention after controlled cortical impact injury in male and female rats
Corina Bondi,University of Pittsburgh, USA
Talk-9 Title:"Resting state EEG task aftereffect (rsEEG-TA) as a novel approach for identifying accelerated cognitive decline and MCI "
Voyko Kavcic, Wayne state university, USA
Talk-10 Title:The role of NEDD4 family members in neurodegenerative diseases
Edgar R. Kramer, University of Plymouth, Germany
Talk-12 Title:Cell-free chromatin particles released from dying cells inflict mitochondrial damage and ROS production in living cells: implications for Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
Indraneel Mittra, Tata Memorial Centre, India
Talk-13 Title:Female Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma (MST) History and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Display Impaired Fear Extinction Learning
Seth D. Norrholm, Wayne State University , USA
  Poster Presentation
PP-1 Title: The effectiveness of Kami Guibi-tang for cognitive impairment patients: A retrospective chart review
Dong-Joo Kim, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, South Korea
Note: This is the tentative program only and the program will be updated by May
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posters agenda

Tentative Program
Day -1: September (12, 2024)
Oral Presentations
Keynote Title: Aminopeptidase A and Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase 4 contribute to early lesions in Alzheimer’s disease
Checler Frederic, University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France
Keynote Title: Novel synaptic protective lipid mediators in Alzheimers disease
Nicolas G. Bazan, Louisiana State University Health New Orleans, USA
  Title: Gut microbiota may be involved in Alzheimers disease pathology by dysregulating pyrimidine metabolism in APP/PS1 mice
Yingjun Zhang, Hunan University of Medicine, China
  Title: Association of region-specific hippocampal reduction of neurogranin with inflammasome proteins in post-mortem brains of Alzheimer’s disease
REGINA Vontell, University of Miami, USA
  Title: Transformative Advances in Alzheimers Disease Diagnosis: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI for Early Detection and Research Advancements
Surabhi Sinha, Adobe, USA
  Title: Deciphering Anti_Alzheimer Drug Candidate Mechanism of Action Using a Bioorthogonal Chemistry-derived Pharmacophore Strategy
Nicolas SERGEANT, Inserm Nord-Ouest, France
  Title:Deleterious effects of amyloid_beta oligomers on memory and sleep in Alzheimer’s disease
Jonathan Brouillette, University of Montreal, Canada
  Title: Inhibition of TrkB receptor impairs exercise_induced attenuation of cocaine-seeking behavior
Marian T Sepulveda-Orengo,Ponce Health Sciences University, USA
  Title: Distinguishing between amyloid-beta-directed antibodies: Ability of PMN310 to target toxic oligomers despite competing species
Johanne Kaplan , ProMIS Neurosciences, USA
  Title: Brain injury and prison: over-representation, prevention and reform
Molly Townes O'Brien , Australian National University, Australia
  Title: Immunological markers of mixed dementia      
Elina Reznik , Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia
  Title:  Self-esteem, positive affect and agreeableness in the relationship between parental educational practices and life satisfaction in adolescence
Nieves Fátima Oropesa Ruiz , Almería, Spain
  Title:  Advance Directives: Knowledge of the Topic Among Psychiatrists
 Vania Novelli Domingues & Monica Domingues Monteiro, University of Porto, Portugal
  Title:  A Practical Guide to Culturally Informed Neuropsychological Evaluations in Children with Epilepsy
Gretchen Berrios-Siervo , University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA
  Title:  Increased telomerase improves motor function and alpha_synuclein pathology in a transgenic mouse model of Parkinson’s disease associated with enhanced autophagy
Gabriele Saretzki, Newcastle University, UK
  Title: Increased expression of protein O-linked mannose beta-1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 1 ameliorates Alzheimer's disease-like pathologies in its cell and mouse models
Xiaofeng Li, Chongqing Medical University, China
  Title: Religious and spiritual struggle and its connection with depression and anxiety
Salvador Leavitt-Alcantara, Cincinnati Children's Hosp Med Ctr - Cincinnati, OH, USA
  Title: Mortality, revascularization and cardioprotective pharmacotherapy after acute coronary syndrome in patients with severe mental illness: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Wing Chung Chang, University of Hong Kong, Hong Khong
  Title: Assessment of social referencing – the development of the Social Referencing Observation Scale as a Screening Instrument for ASD
  Anna Lubomirska, Institute for Child Development, Poland
  Title: Nontraditional Post-Baccalaureate Students: How to Better Provide Support for Perceived Mental Health Needs
  Elizabeth Alderton & Renae Swanson, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA
  Title: Characterization of an Lmx1a-dependent gene network that regulates hippocampal development
  Victor Chizhikov, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA
  Title: Closed-loop acoustic stimulation in mice
  Lisa Marshall, University of Lübeck, UKSH, Germany
  Day-1 Concludes
Note: This is the tentative program only and the program will be updated by May
  If any one interested to attend the conference or to book your speaker slot, please send an email to